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England Expects

A Horatio Nelson Community

I am myself a Norfolk man.
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A Horatio Nelson community.

the community
Welcome to England Expects, a community for anything and everything related to Horatio Nelson. Feel free to post anything you please so long as it’s related to our Immortal Hero. Picspam, fanfic, icons, graphics, even macros are welcome. Just so long as it’s related to Nelson in some way, shape, or form. Everyone is welcome, History Nerds and Pervy Nelson-Fanciers alike.

the rules
This is a fairly lax community, but please try to the best of your ability to follow these rules.

1. Respect your fellow members. Don't start arguments. They're not fun.

2. LJ Cut is your friend. Use it for everything. The only thing that doesn't have to be cut is a plain text post (unless it's fanfic, fanfic gets cut).

3. Speaking of fanfic, have the title, rating, characters/pairings, and summary clearly visible when posting fic.

4. Tags are also your friends. Use them. There isn't a main list now, with such a new community, but use your common sense. If you're posting pictures, tag with 'pics' (or something similar), if you're posting fanfiction, tag 'fic', et cetera.

5. That very important Have Fun rule that must always be included.

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