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Calling AoS fans!

Chatham Historic Dockyard is the most complete Georgian/Victorian dockyard in the world, and is therefore of major interest to AoS fans the world over. It is also where HMS Victory, Nelson's flagship at Trafalgar, was built. It is in the running for World Heritage Site status.

For more information, and to support their bid, check this link

Hello to Everybody!!!

I like Nelson very much! I've read his biography by V.Shigin. I think Nelson was really brave man(maybe not ideal) and good sailor. I'm also interested in Trafalgar battle( I've read Cape Trafalgar by Perez-Reverte) and in ships of 19th (and earlier) century. So if somebody can please post a picture of all battleship's rigging. 

Trafalgar Day!

I posted on my journal, but I forgot about here! Hope everyone commemorated Trafalgar Day! =D

I do plan on making a Trafalgar-themed graphic at some point in honour of the occasion. When I'll get to it, I've no idea.

And in other news, I just got a brand now Nelson biography! Nelson: Love and Fame by Edgar Vincent. Has anyone read it? Anything I should know about?


but it gives a good Nelson summary and a general idea of ranks in the RN.


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I've updated the comm's layout. Hope you lot like it! =D


Nelson fancier you should know

She sails as Nautical-Kate at DeviantArt and likes to draw some very cute Nelsons. Check her gallery for more! :D

Y halo thar, dead comm!

So I thought It might actually be a good idea to post in my own comm.

I recently (sort of) got a two-disc DVD set of a show (?) called I Remember Nelson. I saw it in my local book store and was all, 'OMG! DVDs! About Nelson! Must have!'
For anyone that hasn't seen it, it was from 1981 (if memory serves), and was made up of four episodes, each from the perspective of a different person who had known Nelson: Fanny, Lord Hamilton, Captain Hardy, and Random Gunner Bloke Whose Name I Can't Remember.
(ETA: Oh, I already posted here about this DVD. Oh, well. I didn't go into as much detail as I did here.)

Overall I found it rather... boring, as much as I hate to say that anything about Nelson could possibly be boring. It seemed to me like they were wanting the viewers to not like Nelson. Which is absolutely absurd.

And the last episode from the gunner's perspective was just rather WTF. During Trafalgar, Random Gunner's foot gets crushed by recoiling gun (which decided to recoil in a random direction, right where his foot was). After having to lose a few toes, he becomes delirious and needs to 'see the sun before he dies'. If Nelson could survive losing his right arm, I should think Random Gunner could survive the loss of a few toes. But he must crawl back to the gun deck, look out of a gun port, and gets a face-full of splinters. Causing permanent brain damage. Seriously, WTF?
Sorry, I had to rant about Random Gunner's stupidity.

But this DVD was just rather disappointing. Which makes me sad. Because anything with Nelson should not be disappointing.


I Remember Nelson

I just got this DVD and have watched the first two 'chapters' so far. As of now... I'm not too impressed. Has anyone else seen it with any opinions?


Lord Nelson in Battle n -cont.
by ~rum-inspector on deviantART

-Lord Nelson in battle not aware of Moby Dick trying to eat him while the Flying Dutchman is flying to the sunset as Pirates of the Caribbean drives over everything.-


A medical casebook

Came across a very interesting book called Nelson A Medical Casebook

It's a fairly new biography that is essentially a study of his health and character from a medical point of view. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.